What is a man?

If you ever want to start a debate with anyone just ask one simple question.  What’s a man?  The concept of a man has changed over time which makes this debate so strong and heartfelt.

Does he take out the trash? 

Does he fix cars? 

Can a man cry? 

Does he make more money then his spouse? 

Can a man be a man if he dates another man?

What if a man does something other than what society tells him, is he no longer a man?  A woman can’t raise a man so because I grew up in a single family household I never learned how to be a man.  Boys will be boys so if I can’t fight that’s not mainly of me.  The man is suppose to be the bread winner so if my wife makes more money than me then I can’t be a man.  You play video games but can’t fix brakes, what type of man is that?

Shut up quit crying, boys don’t cry.  If boys don’t cry don’t even think about shedding a tear as a man.  Then we wonder why our boys are so quick to pull a trigger because they don’t know how to deal with their emotions.  I’m pretty sure holding it in and bottling up our emotions isn’t the answer.

Real men have been to jail, real men from the streets, you ain’t real growing up in the suburbs. You go to college? That’s for suckas unless you play a sport then it’s cool.

The pressures of a man especially a black one are real.  Can we get away from the stereotypes and stigmas that we cast on our black boys and men.  Times have changed, women can vote and make more money than a man.  Doesn’t make him any less of a man because of that. 

I should be allowed to share my emotions without being called a girl.  If I shoot or get violent with someone because I don’t know how to handle my emotions then I need help.  Let’s help our boys learn to deal with emotions other then shut up quit crying.  I can’t fix a car but I can fix a computer or vice versa.  We are in the technology era so the fixing of cars may not be taught like computers are.

Society tells us they don’t make them how they use to!  Can someone tell me what does that mean?  I’m less of a man because of the woman rise to the top?  I’m less of a man because I’m not like my grandfather?  Let’s be honest we don’t want the 50’s and 60’s back when a man worked and a woman knew her “place”.  Let’s all accept that times have changed and we should all be allowed to be ourselves.  Stop passing judgment on each other and whatever may work for one household may not work for another.  What my definition of a man is may be different from yours but that doesn’t mean I’m right or wrong.


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