What does your organization do?

  • Better Black helps educate entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses.

  • Better Black helps entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses be discovered easy

  • Better Black helps educate our youth into becoming young adults

Whom does your organization serve?

  • Better Black serves the African American community

What need does your organization fulfill?

  • Bridging the gap between consumers and black-owned businesses. We are making entrepreneurs and black-owned businesses easier to find

How does your organization fulfill this need?

  • Networking events

  • Black business directory

  • Better black logo in brick and mortar businesses and on e-commerce websites

  • Vending events

  • After school work with youth

  • Events bringing the community together (poetry, music, socializing, networking)

Why does your organization exist?

  • People want to shop and spend within the black community but don’t know who does what. We bridge that gap

  • We want to make black-owned businesses discoverable as easy as possible

How can we donate to Better Black?

  • We are a 501c3 organization so any money donated to use is a tax write off

  • You can donate by clicking on the link in the footer




Terry Griffin

Vice President

Christopher Randolph


Jhequela King


Monique Griffin

Text "betterblack" to 345345

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